Finding Your Blade(s)

Frequently Asked Questions

Armor All wiper blades are from a leader in automotive protectant products. Like all Armor All products, ULTRA CLEAR, PERFORMA, and Clear PRO wiper blades have undergone extensive testing under harsh conditions — all to make sure you get exceptional wipe performance. All Armor All wipers feature patented ArmorGlide™ technology to provide excellent visibility & extra-long life.

ArmorGlide™ Technology is a sophisticated process that infuses advanced nano-graphite into high-grade rubber for excellent visibility and extra-long life. Nano-graphite particles are about 50 times smaller than normal graphite particles. In internal tests, wipers coated with ArmorGlide™ showed over 35% better wiping over 500,000 wiper cycles vs. our uncoated blades.

Many experts recommend changing wiper blades every six months or when you notice streaking or a difference in your visibility.

A hybrid blade is a combination of conventional and beam blades. It uses the sub frame of the conventional blade (which has been around for years) and an aerodynamic shell or cover similar to styling on the beam blade.

A conventional blade has a metal structure with specific pressure points that push it against the windshield. Armor All UltraClear Beam blades have an internal curved frame that contours to the windshield, providing uniform & optimized wipe contact.

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