Finding Your Blade(s)

Installation Videos.

  Watch how easy it is to change your wiper blades.

    We’ve taken the mystery out of installing wiper blades.
      These videos walk you through the step-by-step
        process for fast & easy wiper blade installation.

Start here:

Identify vehicle's wiper arm

ArmorAll - Hook <span>arm</span>

Hook arm

ArmorAll - Top button <span>arm</span>

Top button arm

ArmorAll - Side lock <span>arm</span>

Side lock arm

ArmorAll - Pinch <span>arm</span>

Pinch arm

ArmorAll - Side pin <span>arm</span>

Side pin arm

ArmorAll - Bayonet <span>arm</span>

Bayonet arm

ArmorAll - Top slot <span>arm</span>

Top slot arm